The Natural Security Campaign conducted a live virtual event series in fall 2020 to provide valuable insight from global experts into the impact U.S. investments have on international conservation efforts; the effects of COVID-19 on conservation programs across Africa and Latin America and how to prevent future pandemics of zoonotic origins; and an understanding of the implications for national security here in the United States. To stay up-to-date on the latest Natural Security Events, follow Natural Security on Facebook & Twitter.

Preventing the Next Pandemic

This briefing covers the root causes of pandemics, providing a high-level overview of the science behind the various drivers of zoonotic spillover. It takes a deep dive into the various aspects of disease transmission, the “One Health” approach and USAID’s PREDICT program as well as how biodiversity and forest conservation can preserve the barriers that keep zoonotic diseases from more easily jumping to humans. Learn from these leading global experts on how the U.S. can help prevent future pandemics.

Community-based Wildlife Conservation, the Role of Ecotourism and the Impacts of COVID-19

This briefing provides a look into ongoing conservation efforts in Namibia and Kenya, where community-run conservancies supported by the U.S. government have led to recovering wildlife populations, economic growth and opportunities, better rural governance, and higher standards of living. They have also empowered women and youth to become agents of change in these countries. Experts also discuss how COVID-19 is putting this entire model at risk – as well as longstanding U.S. investments – by drying up the tourism revenues it relies on.

How Community-run Forests are Preventing Deforestation, Providing Economic Opportunities and Promoting Regional Security

This briefing provides a look into how U.S. investments in sustainable, community-run forest concessions in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve have helped local communities halt deforestation and achieve some of the highest incomes and lowest out-migration rates in the country. Experts on the ground also discuss the challenges of seasonal fires, criminal activities and the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on efforts to protect the Reserve, which is part of the most important intact tropical forest in the Americas after the Amazon.